Training with Elissa has completely changed my life. I had never practised yoga prior to attending Elissa's classes, and after just one class I was hooked. I came from barely being able to touch my toes to now practising yoga almost every day and being able to reach further than my toes, backbend comfortably and do handstands. Elissa has a really great and fun teaching style and places a lot of focus on technique. Over time, I have learnt a significant amount from Elissa about the philosophy of yoga and come to appreciate not only the physical side of yoga but also the mental, spiritual and emotional side.







As a nutritionist, I have been trained to understand the link between the mind and body, however, Elissa has furthered my understanding through sharing with me her knowledge and passion for yoga. I have learned that breathing, muscular strength and specific and holistic treatment set up a sound foundation for healing the mind - which in turn, heals the body.  Thanks to Elissa, I have now incorporated yoga into my treatment plans and find it to be a very effective and useful tool to treat disease. Elissa is a passionate, knowledgeable, strong and natural educator. Her selflessness and dedication to sharing the wisdom of yoga is something no-one will regret being apart of. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone investing all their time in something they truly love and believe in.






Elissa was my amazing motivational yoga teacher for 3 to 4 mornings per week for 2 months during my holidays in Goa India 🇮🇳 in 2019

She has the X factor personality and work ethos as a truly great professional, experienced yoga teacher and is deffo  top of her game in teaching !!

I’m truly looking forward to my next yoga sessions in January 2020 with Elissa !!

I would recommend her 100 % to everyone in the the world !!

Paul Mc Glade From Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪






I have been learning under Elissa since February this year and in this time I’ve seen massive improvements in my practice. Elissa focuses not only on helping you into a pose but doing it correctly to prevent injuries.

Initially, I went to yoga to improve my flexibility, but with practice, I’ve realised that other areas have also improved such as my strength and breathing. Seeing these improvements has encouraged me to regularly work on my yoga practice with support from Elissa.

Thank you Elissa, this is the strongest and most flexible I have ever been!