The idea of YAMA was born in 2015 by founder Elissa Chrisson. A passion-driven love project and dream,

YAMA is a space for skilled professionals to share their talents, passion, knowledge and thoughts. A space to collaborate in the areas of yoga, visual arts, movement arts, meditation, nutrition, travel, adventure and overall balanced healthy lifestyle. This is delivered to you through private classes, workshops, events, world tours and beautiful, intensive destination retreats.

YAMA tours and retreats, specially designed for you by offering diverse, mindful and unique, globe-trotting experiences. We are not just a yoga retreat! Our element of difference is that we provide a range of different Adventurous activities and movement styles. Yoga (asana and meditation) provide an excellent foundation for every accompanying movement practice and adventure activity. Therefore on all the guided tours you will be accompanied by a qualified yoga teacher to achieve the most out of your journey with us.


The name YAMA was not without thought. YAMA is the first limb of the Ashtanga (yoga) eight limb practice. The 5 YAMA's are ethical guides to living in avoidance of violence, lying, stealing, wasting energy and possessiveness.  YAMA is also a Hindu deity of destruction and a metaphorical death of ones self into a new vibrant, self-loving, kind and caring person. In Japanese, YAMA directly translates as 'mountain', the high points of the earth that have magical, healing energy. We aim to deliver many mountain tours so you can explore this for yourself. Finally, YAMA is an acronym for Yoga, Arts, Movement, Adventure.


We want to take you on a journey to explore the wonder of your inner world and these abundant vast lands we call earth.

Meet the Team 

Yoga, Arts, Movement, Coach

Nutrition, Health Professional

Himalayan, Trekking Guide