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Conscious Speed Dating

The art of connection 


 5th April 2024


Mcevoy st Alexandria 

DATE: 5th April

TIME: 7- 9.30 pm


from $49

Conscious Speed Dating 

Step into a realm of meaningful connections with this transformative 'conscious/authentic relating' event. Whether you seek love or meaningful friendships, this event is for you. Loneliness has become an epidemic in modern-day living, and hiding behind our phones has become the norm. This space encourages you to put the phone away and venture into the connection with yourself and real people. -- an unparalleled experience compared to traditional dating. Bid farewell to the monotonous swiping and shallow small talk, and immerse yourself in an engaging, in-person journey where connections are forged through playful and creative exercises. Join us for a fun hangout filled with live music, deep conversation, and playful games that will create unforgettable memories. 


This intimate experience has only 30 spots available.
Join the movement!

Image by Casey Horner

Swipes Less: Short on small talk, big on meaningful connections. Try conscious dating.

More Information 

The workshop is structured into three parts: 
- T
he space will be open with a collective multi-sensorial meditation to drop in and allow yourself to connect respectfully and authentically. This meditation will set the tone of the practice and will allow the participants to feel safe and grounded. 
- Throughout the second segment, we will learn how to connect with a group of strangers without using words (non-verbal communication). Exercises such as:

Contact dance, eye gazing, traditional Tantric  partner breath techniques and heart-centred communication exercises. 
- The last part will involve one-to-one conversation as in traditional speed dating, but non-conventional questions. The participants will have 3 minutes to share and eventually move on to the next person. Be aware that the content of the questions has deep resonance in people's lives and may help the participant bring  to surface traumas and perhaps find opportunities for healing. Some questions may have sexual references and be bold, so we invite our participants to keep an open mind and heart.

We will use tools such as meditation, and mindful touch to encompass wholeness and the idea that we are just one entity. 

Like food and water, touch and intimacy are basic human needs. 

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