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Image by Rasmus Gundorff Sæderup

 Freediving Certification - Liveaboard Island hopping 
yoga, movement adventure retreat


 8 - 16 MAY  2024

START: Labuan Bajo

FINISH: Labuan Bajo


8 - 16 May  2024


 from $2499


14 People 

Dive Deep - Yoga & Freediving Retreat

Embark on an enchanting journey to Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, aboard a authentic Phinisi boat. Immerse in daily yoga, earn your PADI freediving certification, and revel in island hopping adventures. Let Komodo's raw beauty and its legendary dragons captivate your spirit.

This nine-day expedition in Komodo National Park is your dream escape. Dive into pristine reefs, swim with manta rays, and relish daily movement & yoga against a backdrop of active volcanoes.


Navigate Indonesia's pristine landscapes, relax on the deck, soak in the onboard jacuzzi, and bond with fellow travelers. As dusk approaches, enjoy breathtaking sunsets, pristine pink beaches, and the mesmerizing dance of twilight bats, all under a star-studded sky.


Reserve your spot with just a deposit. The remaining balance will be due 8 weeks prior to departure.


  • Overview
    8/05 - Arrival and settle into your hotel in Labuan Bajo (Theory of freediving) 9/05 - Early start for a full-day exploration of Cunca waterfall, mirror cave house & Ranko Caves. Back to hotel dinner and early night sleep 10/05 - Transfer to boat Labouan to Sebayur Besar 11/05 - Sebayur besar - Gili Lawa Darat 12/05 - Gili Lawa Darat - Makassar Reef - Pink beach - komodo village 13/05 - Komodo Island - Long Beach - Padar Island 14/05 - Padar - Rinca island - Kalong Rinca 15/05 - Kalong rinca - Manjerite - Kelor Island - Labuan Bajo 16/05 - Breakfast and checkout ( airport transfer)
  • DAY 1
    Arrival & Introduction to Freediving Location: Settle in at the Hotel room, Labuan Bajo after your airport transfer. Activity: Engage in a thorough freediving theory session. Dining: Enjoy a communal dinner and gear up for the following day's exploration. Upon landing at Labuan Bajo Airport, a transfer will escort you to the Hotel. Use this day to unwind. At 3 pm, we'll convene ( WhatsApp group will highlight the meetup point) for an introductory free diving theory lesson. This is followed by a group dinner out in the town and an early bedtime in preparation for tomorrow’s escapades.
  • DAY 2
    Immersing in Nature's Beauty & Captivating Sunsets Morning: Delve into the pristine waters of Cunca Wulang Waterfall after a scenic trek. Mid-Day: Admire the radiant interplay of light at the Mirror Cave House and relish a meal at a local restaurant. Afternoon: Experience the serene Rangko Cave with its enchanting natural pool. Evening: End the day at Sylvia Hill, capturing the mesmerizing golden sunset. We leave the hotel at 8:30 am for Cunca Wulang Waterfall, a picturesque 45-minute trek from Wersawe village. The vivid blue waters set amidst majestic rocks are a sight to behold. Dive in, or even jump! Next, we head to Mirror Cave House, where sunlight bounces around like a dream. Lunch is at a local eatery. Rangko Cave, accessed via a 1-hour drive and a boat ride, boasts a serene natural cave pool. Lastly, Sylvia Hill promises a breathtaking sunset - a perfect finale.
  • DAY 3
    Beginning the Sebayur Besar Adventure Onboard Experience: Make the traditional Phinisi boat, Natural 001, your home for the coming days. Sebayur Besar: Dive into its calming waters and, later, witness a panoramic sunset after a short trek. Relaxation: Wind down with a rejuvenating Yin yoga class beneath the vast expanse of the starry sky. Our new abode awaits! Named Natural 001, this traditional Phinisi boat will be our home for six days. Our journey starts with Sebayur Besar, showcasing Komodo's pristine waters. Its shallow reefs and gentle currents offer a soothing introduction. A hike reveals Sebayur Besar’s unmatched sunset panoramas. After descending, relax with Yin yoga on the boat, and savor the view.
  • DAY 4
    Encounters with Turtles & Breathtaking Landscapes Siaba Besar: Engage with the resident green turtles in the waters of the "Turtle City." Evening Trek: Head to Gili Lawa Darat and immerse yourself in the bay's panoramic vistas and awe-inspiring landscapes. ​ Kickstart the day with yoga and breakfast. We then sail to Siaba Besar, also known as "Turtle City", home to many green turtles. The crystalline waters are perfect for honing our freediving techniques. By afternoon, we're anchored at Gili Lawa Darat, near Komodo Island, with a trek that promises magnificent bay views. ​
  • DAY 5
    Manta Rays, Unique Beaches & Local Culture Taka Makasar Reef: Dive and possibly swim alongside the graceful manta rays. Pink Beach: Relax on the world-renowned Pink Beach of Komodo Island, known for its unique hue. Komodo Village Visit: Immerse yourself in local culture, home to both fishermen and the iconic Komodo dragons. ​ We set course for Makassar Reef, famous as Manta Point. The sands of Gili Makasar beckon before we venture to Komodo Island's unique Pink Beach. We anchor for the night at Komodo Village, a mix of local life and dragon lore.
  • DAY 6
    Exploring the Legendary Komodo & Mesmerizing Landscapes Komodo Island: Kick start your day with a morning yoga session, followed by an encounter with the legendary Komodo dragons. A team of rangers will ensure your safety. Long Beach: Bask in the sun on a pristine white sandy beach. Padar Island: Often referred to as the 'Jurassic Park', this island is a visual treat. Don't miss the trek that offers a panoramic view of one of the most breathtaking landscapes. After yoga and breakfast, we meet the fabled Komodo dragons. The day continues at Long Beach’s untouched sands. Later, Padar Island awaits, evoking visions of Jurassic Park. A trek here unveils a surreal panorama. Sunset, dinner, and rest cap off the day.
  • DAY 7
    Wildlife Adventures & Sunset Delights Morning Yoga: Start with a refreshing yoga session and a hearty breakfast. Rinca Island: A short boat ride will take you to the ranger station on Rinca, followed by a trek to witness more of the famed Komodo dragons. Kalong: Named after the Indonesian word for 'bat', experience the magic as thousands of flying foxes take to the sky at dusk. ​ Following our yoga routine and breakfast, we set sail for Rinca, home to more Komodo dragons. A ranger-led trek offers three duration options. Later, we cruise to Kalong, hoping to catch the spectacle of flying foxes emerging at dusk.
  • DAY 8
    Final Freediving & Farewell to Natural 001 Morning Routine: Engage in your daily yoga session and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Manjerite: Dive into crystal-clear waters, marveling at the vibrant coral reefs. Kelor Island: Your last freediving destination and viewpoint trek. Labuan Bajo: Bid farewell to the Natural 001 and transfer back to Kalton Hotel for one last evening of shared memories. The day begins with yoga and breakfast. At Majerite, immerse in the last of our freediving experiences amidst vibrant corals. We then proceed to Kelor Island for diving and a scenic hike. As evening falls, we bid farewell to Natural 001 and return to our Hotel.
  • DAY 9
    Day 09 - Labuan Bajo (Breakfast) Congratulations! You are now a certified freediver. This moring, we will have our last yoga class together followed by breakfast. Hotel checkout & airport transfer are provided. Our journey concludes here - Safe travels! ​
  • More info
    About this retreat: FREEDIVING CERTIFICATION / YOGA / MEDITATION / BREATHWORK / TREKKING This transformational experience helps you to explore your inner and outer environment and reconnect with yourself, nature and the flow of life. Our trips are small boutique getaways that are customised according to the group's desire. ​ YAMA brings this nine-day experience to life through the raw elements of dance, play and connection with your inner child. Meet the world's last dragons connect with nature. Daily yoga and breathwork classes, and become a certified freediver. Share: We encourage you to bring your unique gift and share it at this gathering. YAMA Is a space to express yourself through what brings you joy. Radical self-expression, music, flow toys, games, arts, singing, or dance. Our community is about learning, sharing, caring and connecting with the natural world while discovering some of the world's most exotic locations. Together, on this experience, on a stunning traditional Phinisi boat, we dive deep, "literally" into the ocean and into the most humbling and rich local culture. We celebrate Mother Nature and her unique landscape, visit the last dragons, swim with mata rays and other incredible land and sea life inhabitants. ​ ​​ ​ Dress-ups: Dress-ups are fun!!! YAMA explores dressing up by setting a theme for every trip. This time we are attempting to embody the merging of aliens with sea creatures… and so the title is “Alien And The Sea Creature Create a Love Child”. Be bold, be fun and feel free to embody through costume. ​ Check out past trips for inspiration on our Instagram @yamamovement ​​ ​ Yoga and Movement: Each day, there will be one yoga or movement class, including pranayama breathwork and meditation guided and taught by Elissa. We will explore yoga asana, acro-yoga, primal movement, handstands and more. The class is for anyone from beginners to advanced levels. Elissa will tailor the class based on the energy and level of the group and will provide variations to accommodate all fitness levels. Explore breathwork techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, box breath, introduction into breath retention, tummo breathing, and Kapalbhati and Sitali. This is followed by a guided meditation. Please note: All classes take place outdoors. Hiking: There will be daily low-impact hikes on this trip. ​ Freediving: The freediving certification is included in this package deal. However, it is optional and does require medical clearance. If you choose not to participate, you can use the time to snorkel and enjoy the sea or relax on the deck or in the jacuzzi :) This Free Diving certification will turn you into an OFFICIAL PADI CERTIFIED FREE DIVER by the end of the trip! Learning from the best in the industry and exploring the most incredible free diving sites in the reef! Medical Clearance:​ There are some medical conditions which can be considered dangerous for freediving, so if you have any of these medical conditions, you must obtain a clearance certificate from a doctor approving your participation in the freediving course. The medical conditions requiring doctors clearance are: ​ Asthma Heart/lung conditions Blood pressure Epilepsy Pregnancy ​ Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy. ​ All guests will need to fill out a waiver to be able to participate. ​​ Please be aware that if you have one of the above medical conditions and are not able to provide clearance from a doctor, you will not be able to participate in the freediving component of this trip, so you should check with a doctor before booking.


Trip Highlights:

  • Liveaboard Experience: Spend five nights and six days on a beautiful authentic wooden Phinisi boat, showcasing traditional Indonesian maritime culture.

  • Labuan Bajo Stay: Enjoy three tranquil nights in a hotel nestled in the heart of Labuan Bajo island, a prime gateway to Komodo National Park.

  • Natural Wonders Tour: Embark on a day trip featuring the mesmerizing Cunca waterfall, the reflective mirror cave house, and the enchanting Ranko Caves.

  • Island Adventures: Dive into island hopping escapades and breathtaking scenic hikes across untouched terrains.

  • Encounter Komodo Dragons: Experience the thrill of seeing the world's last dragons in their native habitat.

  • PADI Freediving Certification: Dive deeper into adventure and become a certified freediver amidst the crystal-clear waters surrounding Komodo.

  • Holistic Wellness: Immerse yourself in daily yoga and meditation sessions, led by a certified yoga teacher, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

  • Onboard Luxury: Soothe your senses in the hot jacuzzi onboard, set under a canopy of stars.

  • Foodies Delight: Savor mouthwatering daily meals, showcasing local flavors and international cuisines.



Six days and five nights accommodation on a traditional Phinisi boat, with a large indoor & outdoor area, jacuzzi, hot showers, indoor dining and lounge area and five comfortable cabins, with private bathrooms. 

Three nights hotel accommodation on Labuan Bajo island  (days 1, 2  & 8 )


Prices and dates 

8th - 16th MAY 2023
Image by Johnny Africa


Lower berth $2699 (6 beds)

Middle berth $2899 (4 beds)

Upper deck  $3099 (6 beds)

BOOK BEFORE 30TH FEB 2023 - Early-bird offer save $200 use the code DRAGON





  • Airport transfers

  • Three nights in a hotel on Labuan Bajo Island (including breakfast)

  • Five nights liveaboard

  • Three healthy, delicious daily Meals while onboard including freshly caught seafood.

  • Afternoon Coffee / Tea & drinking water onboard 

  • Snorkelling Equipment & life jackets

  • Entertainment facilities, including a jacuzzi 

  • Daily yoga, breathwork & meditation

  • Freediving Certification Course

  • Ranko Caves exploration, including breakfast & lunch (day two) 

  • English-speaking local guide


  • International & domestic flights

  • Personal expenses 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Alcoholic drinks 

  • Tipping boat crew

  • Anything on the packing list (including a yoga mat)

  • National park permits, ranger fees & gov tax ($150 AUD)

  • Lunch on days 1 & 9, Dinner on days 1 & 2  

  • Indonesian visa on arrival 





YAMA brings this experience to life through the raw elements of dance, play, and connection. Learn more about the YAMA experience and ethos HERE. 

Getting There:  Book a flight to Bali International Airport, from here take a domestic flight to Labuan Baja (Komodo Island) - one hour flight from Bali.


Community: Join our community in a transformative journey to Komodo Island. Together, we'll delve into its rich heritage, marvel at the unparalleled beauty of its natural landscapes, and connect with its most iconic inhabitants—the majestic Komodo dragons. Here, we learn, share, and immerse ourselves in the rhythms of nature, celebrating the profound bond between humanity and the wild.

Share: Sharing is an integral part of our ethos. We encourage you to bring your unique gifts and share them at this gathering. YAMA is a space for self-expression, where you can freely express yourself through music, flow toys, games, arts, singing, dancing, and radical self-expression. If you love to teach and share, we also offer a discount to those who wish to provide a workshop on our retreats. If this is you, please reach out to us and pitch your idea.

Dress-ups: Dress-up time! Our Komodo Island theme is "Under the Sea." Grab marine-inspired accessories from local markets. Think mermaid hats or fishy scarves. Let's dive into creativity but keep it respectful and PG. Remember the baggage limits!

Yoga and Movement: Daily! Join us for a functional fitness class and serene meditation on the boat. Start your day with meditation, indulge in beach yoga during our stay, and master breathwork techniques for free diving. Dive deep, both physically and spiritually!

Hiking: Every day hikes where you'll embark on gentle yet captivating hikes across the Komodo islands, immersing yourself in their natural beauty.

More Info: For information about visas, what to bring, and more, check the "More Info" button below. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Monica willumsen

Hi, I'm Monni, your freedive instructor, here to guide you through the transformative journey of exploring both ocean depths and infinite skies.


Our bodies and auras transform the moment we touch water, revealing a magical connection that has become my life’s work to understand and share. Known as 'The Disco Mermaid,' I bring a unique blend of sound and frequency knowledge to our sessions, demonstrating how these energies interact both above and below the water surface.


My lifelong relationship with water, from being a swimming captain to an ocean triathlon swimmer, has culminated in a deep passion for freediving. It is in the depths that I found the ultimate connection, and I am eager to share this revelation with you.


Elissa Chrisson 


Hello! My name is Elissa Chrisson, and I'm the proud founder of Yama Movement, a community and space dedicated to holistic well-being and the exploration of movement. My journey into the depths of yoga and self-discovery led me to spend a transformative decade in India, where I immersed myself in the practice and study of traditional yoga.


During those years, I learned not just the physical aspects of yoga, but also delved deep into its philosophical roots and meditative practices. I absorbed the culture, the wisdom, and the spiritual energy that India is renowned for, and it has profoundly shaped my approach to teaching and living.


I've always believed in the power of movement as a pathway to finding balance, inner strength, and peace. With Yama Movement, I've created a space where others can join me in this journey of exploration and self-discovery through movement, yoga, and community. I'm thrilled to share the wisdom and experiences I've gathered along the way, and I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you at Yama Movement.

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