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Upcoming Retreats  

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Komodo Islands Freediving & Yoga

8th - 16th May 2024


Poon Hill & Chitwan

10th - 22nd November 2024

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Annapurna Base Camp

10th -23rd November 2024

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Poonhill, Nepal
Yoga & Trek 


Rise & Rebalance
Handstand retreat

Image by Azin Javadzadeh

Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal 


Uluru Yoga & Breathwork

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Komodo Islands Freediving & Yoga


Kerela, India Luxury Escape

Embracing Diversity and Spreading Joy through Travel

In a world that often expects conformity, we are a unique travel company that stands out for all the circles who don't fit the square. We are YAMA Movement—a mini moving festival, a gathering of abstract and arty souls who go wild in the wild. Our mission is to heal through light, joy, and happiness as we take travelers on extraordinary journeys to diverse locations worldwide. Join us as we explore the world, give back to nature, and celebrate life through art and adventure.


Embodiment: At YAMA Movement, we embody the spirit of a mini-moving festival. We are a vibrant and dynamic community of individuals who celebrate life, creativity, and self-expression. Inspired by festivals around the world, we create a unique travel experience that combines adventure, art, music, and connection. With us, you can let go, be yourself, and embrace your inner misfit.

Healing through Light, Joy, and Happiness:
We believe in the transformative power of travel. We see travel as a means of healing, of finding light in the darkest corners and joy in the simplest moments. Every journey with us is designed to uplift your spirit, nourish your soul, and ignite a sense of wonder. It's about stepping out of the ordinary and immersing yourself in extraordinary experiences that spark joy and leave lasting memories.


Exploring Diverse Locations: Join us as we embark on a global adventure, exploring diverse locations across the world. From the majestic peaks of Nepal's Himalayas to the pristine shores of the Komodo Islands, we curate trips that showcase the beauty and cultural richness of each destination. Whether it's hiking through breathtaking landscapes, immersing in local traditions, or indulging in adrenaline-pumping activities, our trips offer you a unique perspective on the world.

Giving Back to the Natural World:
We are not just about exploring the world; we are also about giving back to it. We are committed to environmental stewardship and actively collaborate with non-profit organizations focused on replanting and reforesting efforts. Through initiatives like beach cleanups and mountain cleans, we ensure that our impact on the natural world is positive and sustainable. By participating in these activities, you become an advocate for the preservation of our planet, fostering a deeper connection to the environments we explore.


Join the Movement: To truly understand the essence of YAMA Movement, you must witness it firsthand. Visit our Instagram page, @yamamovement, and you'll catch a glimpse of our vibrant community and the unique experiences we offer. The photos and stories shared on our social media channels capture the energy, creativity, and joy that define YAMA Movement.


We are not just a travel company; we are a movement that celebrates diversity, self-expression, and the pursuit of happiness. Through our mini moving festivals, we create a space where you can break free from societal expectations and embrace your true self. With our commitment to healing, exploration, and giving back, we invite you to join our vibrant community and embark on a journey of light, joy, and unforgettable experiences.

So, are you ready to dance to the rhythm of YAMA Movement? Pack your bags, leave conformity behind, and step into a world where being different is celebrated, and happiness knows no bounds. Let us travel together, create art together, and spread joy together. Join us and be a part of the YAMA Movement.

Corporate/private groups: All our retreats can be booked privately and tailored to suit the needs and schedule of the company or private group, please contact us to learn more about corporate packages or private group bookings.


In the experience is the emotion, in the emotions is the gift.
The best gifts are not... Things. 

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