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Upcoming Trips  


Uluru Yoga 

More dates in April 2023

From: $1599

Image by Azin Javadzadeh

Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal 

26th - 9th December 2023

From: $3199

Image by will komodo

Komodo Islands Freediving & Yoga

10th - 18th May 2023

From: $2599

Image by Andreas Dress

K'gari Paradise Island Yoga & 4WD

12th -16th October 2023

From:  $1599

Image by Sylwia Bartyzel

Poonhill, Nepal
Yoga & Trek 

10th - 19th November 2023

From: $2499


Kerela, India Luxury Escape

16th - 26th January 2024

From: $2699

YAMA adventure & intensive immersion retreats are designed to offer diverse, mindful, globe-trotting experiences. Each trip is unique, wild and wonderful but captures this common theme of celebrating life in colour through dance, arts, music, yoga, and connection with ourselves, nature and others. We are not just a yoga retreat! Our element of difference is that we provide a range of adventure activities, movement styles, breathwork and arts. 


YAMA trips are about having fun, exploring our inner child, dancing, playing, and connecting with our inner and outer worlds. Find your freedom and travel with like-minded soon-to-be lifelong friends. 


Our trips are LGBT & gender-inclusive. The theme we wish to encapsulate is this feeling of being at a mini-festival, a sense of freedom, openness and connectedness. If you are free-spirited and love yoga, arts, movement and adventure, then you are perfect for our trips! In saying this, the average age of our groups is 20-50 years old. Most, but not all of our trips are moderately physically demanding (trip dependant) and may require some background in hiking, movement or sports. However, we encourage anyone open to the challenge to come along. If you believe you can do it, then you can!


Watch our trips @yamamovement


In the experience is the emotion, in the emotions is the gift. The best gifts are not... Things. 


ADVENTURE - All hands-on board, help with cooking on the campfire, camping, hiking and, nature adventures activities. Our adventure tours with a focus on meditation, mindfulness, the art of wellbeing, health, dance, movement arts and visual arts, rock climbing, hiking, canyoning, mountain climbing and of course yoga. Delivered to you by highly experienced teachers and professional adventure guides, to assure your safety and utmost care throughout your journey. Most of our adventure retreats offer one yoga class per day to wind down from the day's activities, each retreat has its own individual twist. Involves moving from place to place, by bus or foot. All transport will be included in the final cost (Most international and domestic flights are not included in the total price. unless specified)


IMMERSION - Focused on workshops and classes, and would involve staying at one or two destination locations, while participating in in-depth course material on the retreat-related subject. Yoga, health, movement, dance, healing and arts. (Most international and domestic flights are not included in the total price.)


We travel to the most beautiful location around the globe and provide you with an opportunity to discover yourself and the beautiful world we live in, on a life-changing, soul-soothing journey. Learn, live and experience the local culture and native arts, while establishing techniques to create inner peace and self-awareness skills to integrate you into life back home. All our retreats are unique and offer different opportunities for learning, self-development, and growth on a physical and mental level.  

All of our YOGA retreats are open to ALL LEVEL practitioners. 'We have everyone from absolute beginners, to advanced teachers joining us. Regardless of where you are in your yoga practice, we guarantee you'll walk away with new knowledge and growth. ALL LEVEL is applied to most of our other movement adventure journeys unless otherwise specified in the description. 


DIGITAL DETOX - unless labelled digital detox phones and technology are welcome. 

CORPORATE / PRIVATE GROUPS - All tours and retreats can be booked privately and tailored to suit the needs and schedule of the company or private group, please contact us to learn more about corporate packages or private group bookings. 

Retreat Styles 

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