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PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY - Everything you need to know is here for you. 


​GETTING THERE:  You will be responsible for booking your own flight to the domestic airport in Labuan Bajo (LBJ). From Bali, Denpasar (DPS),  take a domestic 60-minute direct flight to Labuan Bajo (LBJ) , flights cost is around $100 - $150 AUD return. (Airport transfers from Labuan Bajo provided). (INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED)



Travellers from Australia are eligible to obtain a visa-on-arrival at the Indonesia Immigration in the airport. The validity of the visa-on-arrival is 30 days and cost $50 AUD. 


If you want to stay longer than 30 days, you have to get a B211A OFFSHORE Visit Visa before your arrival, which is valid for 60 days. 


Apply for a longer visa here:


 If you overstay your visa, you have to pay a fine of IDR 1,000,000 per day.​

PLEASE NOTE: We require a minimum of 6 people for this trip to go ahead; so please do not book any international flights until six weeks before departure. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE: You must provide a copy of your international travel insurance. When making the final payment for this trip please reply to the confirmation email with your payment confirmation and a copy of your international travel insurance.

WHO IS THIS TRIP FOR: Our trips are gender-inclusive; if you are young at heart and free-spirited, you are perfect for our adventures! In saying this, the average age of our groups is 22-38 years old.

IMPORTANT!! PLEASE PACK LIGHT: Please keep luggage to a minimum to avoid overcrowding the cabins onboard. We suggest a bag no larger than the carry-on airport size. 





  • Airport transfers

  • Three nights in a hotel on Labuan Bajo Island (including breakfast)

  • Five nights liveaboard on The Natural 001

  • Three healthy, delicious daily Meals while onboard The Natural 001

  • Afternoon Coffee / Tea & drinking water onboard The Natural 001

  • Snorkelling Equipment & life jackets

  • Entertainment facilities, including a jacuzzi 

  • Daily yoga, breathwork & meditation

  • Freediving Certification Course

  • Ranko Caves exploration, including breakfast & lunch (on day two) 

  • English-speaking local guide


  • International & domestic flights

  • Personal expenses 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Alcoholic drinks 

  • Tipping boat crew

  • Anything on the packing list (including a yoga mat)

  • National park permits, ranger fees & gov tax ($150 AUD)

  • Lunch on days 1 & 9, Dinner on days 1 & 2  

  • Indonesian visa on arrival 


  • Swimwear

  • Headlamp and/or flashlight 

  • Lightweight walking boots or Sports shoes

  • Warm, lightweight wind jacket or Down Jacket 

  • Comfortable and casual clothes for five days and warm PJs (include Some warm clothing for the evenings)

  • Sun-hat 

  • Insect repellent

  • Toiletries

  • Towels

  • Lipbalm

  • Sunglasses 

  • Sun Block and Zinc Cream

  • Daypack 

  • Water bottle 

  • Camera or GoPro


Dress-ups:  Dress-ups are fun!!! YAMA explores dressing up by setting a theme for every trip. This time we are attempting to embody the merging of aliens with sea creatures… and so the title is  “Alien And The Sea Creature Create a Love Child”.  Be bold, be fun and feel free to embody through costume. 

Check out past trips for inspiration on our Instagram @yamamovement

Free Diving Certification 


​Together, on this experience, on a stunning traditional Phinisi boat, we dive deep, "literally" into the ocean and into the most humbling and rich local culture. We celebrate Mother Nature and her unique landscape, visit the last dragons, swim with mata rays and other incredible land and sea life inhabitants. 


Freediving: The freediving certification course is included in this package deal. However, it is optional and does require medical clearance. If you choose not to participate in the course, you can use the time to snorkel and enjoy the sea or laze around on the deck/jacuzzi :) 


This Free Diving certification will turn you into an OFFICIAL PADI CERTIFIED FREE DIVER by the end of the trip! Learning from the best in the industry and exploring the most incredible free diving sites in the reef!



  • PADI Level 1 Certification Freediver 

  • Theory (day one)

  • Pre-Theory Training 

  • Deep dive into what freediving is, the mechanics behind our respiratory system and how our bodies transform to become mermaids & and mermen

  • Breakdown of freediving equipment & their correct usage

  •  Pranayama 

  • Stretching designed for freediving specifically

  • Meditation training for above & below the surface 


in-depth Description of course outline & Prerequisites: 


PADI Level 1 Freedive Course Fulfilments: 

  • Pass on PADI theory test 

  • Holding Static Breath for 1min 30 seconds 

  • 25m Dynamic (Swimming underwater with fins holding breath) 

  • 200m ocean swim 

  • 10m Line Dive inclusive of disciplines free immersion & Constant Weight

  • Performing rescues in pairs of 2


Medical Clearance:​ There are some medical conditions which can be considered dangerous for freediving, so if you have any of these medical conditions, you must obtain a clearance certificate from a doctor approving your participation in the freediving course. The medical conditions requiring doctors clearance are:

  • Asthma 

  • Heart/lung conditions 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy 

Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy. 

All guests will need to fill out a waiver to be able to participate. 


Please be aware that if you have one of the above medical conditions and are not able to provide clearance from a doctor, you will not be able to participate in the freediving component of this trip, so you should check with a doctor before booking.

The YAMA Movement 

YAMA - Brings this ten-day experience to life through the raw elements of dance, play and connection with your inner child. Meet the world's last dragons connect with nature. Daily yoga and breathwork classes, and become a certified freediver. 


Share: We encourage you to bring your unique gift and share it at this gathering. YAMA Is a space to express yourself through what brings you joy? Radical self-expression, music, flow toys, games, arts, singing, or dance.


Our community is about learning, sharing, caring and connecting with the natural world while discovering some of the world's most exotic locations.

Yoga and Movement: Each day, there will be one yoga or movement class, including pranayama breathwork and meditation guided and taught by Elissa. We will explore yoga asana, acro-yoga, primal movement, handstands and more. The class is for anyone from beginners to advanced levels. Elissa will tailor the class based on the energy and level of the group and will provide variations to accommodate all fitness levels.


Explore breathwork techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, box breath, introduction into breath retention, tummo breathing, and Kapalbhati and Sitali. This is followed by a guided meditation.


Please note: All classes take place outdoors.


Hiking: Daily low-impact hikes on this trip.  





Day One - Arrival and settle into your hotel (Theory of freediving)

Day Two - Early start for a full-day exploration of Cunca waterfall, mirror cave house & Ranko Caves. Back to hotel dinner and early night sleep 

Day Three - Transfer to boat Labouan to Sebayur Besar 

Day Four - Sebayur besar - Gili Lawa Darat 

Day Five - Gili Lawa Darat - Makassar Reef - Pink beach - komodo village

Day Six - Komodo Island - Long Beach - Padar Island

Day Seven - Padar - Rinca island - Kalong Rinca

Day Eight - Kalong rinca - Manjerite - Kelor Island - Labuan Bajo 

Day Nine - Breakfast and checkout ( airport transfer) Optional trip + 3 days more details provided in WhatsApp group.

Day One - Arrival Labuan Bajo


Pick up - Labuan Bajo Airport transfer to Kalton Hotel. 

Take this day to settle into your hotel, and we will meet at 3 pm (there will be a What's App group for the meeting point) to take our first free diving theory lesson. This will be followed by dinner with the group and an early night's rest to prepare for tomorrow's adventure. 


Day Two - Early start for a full-day exploration of Cunca Waterfall, Mirror Cave house & Ranko Caves. (breakfast & lunch included) 


Departure from the hotel will be at 8:30 am to start the day at Cunca Wulang Waterfall. A  45 minute trek from Wersawe village, but worth it!!

Beautiful rocks with water so blue. Candy to the eyes and a perfect way to start the day! Take a dip, or better yet, TAKE A JUMP!​

Stop two: Mirror Cave House. & lunch at a local restaurant

Cermin Cave is where the sunshine comes in through a hole in the tunnel and then bounces on the stone walls that again reflect small lights to other areas inside the cave like a mirror. Such a dreamy view.

Stop three: Rangko Cave,a 1-hour drive, and a local boat crossing the harbour to arrive. The natural private pool experience here is surreal, and the place is stunning! 


Last stop: Sylvia Hill - The perfect ending to this day is a golden sunset on top of Sylvia Hill. Get your cameras ready! This is a moment worth capturing. 

Back to hotel for dinner and an early nights sleep after a long beautifully adventurous day.  


Day Three - Labouan to Sebayur Besar 


Today we will move into our new home! Her name is Natural 001,  she is a traditional Phinisi boat and home for the next six days. 


Time to set sail. First stop, Sebayur Besar; here, you will have your first encounter with Komodo’s beautiful waters.  The shallow reef and easy current make this an ideal and refreshing way to ease into the water.  

The island of Sebayur Besar is known to offer the best panoramic sunsets within the Komodo National Park, and the best place to view it is from the top of the island. After a short trek to the top, around 45 min, we will come back to the boat for a relaxing Yin yoga class. Meanwhile, the crew are busy preparing a delicious aperitif as you watch the sun’s final rays. The perfect end to the first day in this truly magical place. 


Day Four - Sebayur Besar – Siaba Besar – Gili Lawa Darat


After a moring yoga flow and a beautiful breakfast, the boat will sail to Siaba Besar, where the ship will anchor in front of the island nicknamed “Turtle City,” where dozens of green turtles can be seen resting on the underwater hill.

The crystalline waters of the shallow reef make this a relaxing and enjoyable place to work with our new freediving skills. If we are lucky, we may spot a barracuda swimming around. Afterwards, we’ll return to the boat for lunch on deck as the ship sails to the beautiful bay of Gili Lawa Darat, located next to Komodo Island. We’ll head out before sunset for a short trek to the top of the hill to view another panoramic view of the bay and the stunning landscapes.


Day Five - Gili Lawa –Taka Makasar Reef - Pink Beach – Komodo village 


Today we will head out to Makassar Reef, better known as Manta Point, where you have your best chance at swimming with the graceful manta rays. we will visit the grand island of Gili Makasar to relax on its pristine white sand beaches, and the exquisite reef awaits. Truly the most beautiful island in the park! We then set sail to the world-famous pink beach of Komodo Island. This unique beach takes its colour from millions of minuscule pieces of broken coral from a nearby reef. Tonight we anchor up in Komodo village. Here we will experience the local culture. Komodo village is home to 300 - 350 householders, primarily fishermen and, of course, dragons. 


Day six - Komodo Island – Long Beach – Padar island 

Morning yoga flow & breakfast before making our way to the shores to visit the legendary komodo dragons. Upon arrival, rangers will give a safety briefing and will accompany us while we visit the dragons. 

We will then make our way to Long Beach to enjoy the day in the sun on a pristine sandy white beach.  This afternoon, we will set sail to Padar Island, a beautiful and wild island found between Rinca and Komodo. We refer it to it as Jurassic Park, and you will understand why once you’re there! We highly recommend trekking here as it offers a picture-perfect panoramic view of the most breathtaking landscape. We’ll have time to enjoy a marvellous sunset before returning to the boat for a well-deserved dinner.


Day Seven - Padar – Rinca island – Kalong rinca

Morning yoga flow and breakfast. Today, we’ll head out for a short boat ride to Rinca’s Ranger Station, where we will begin our trek of the island to see the famous Komodo dragon. After a brief overview from the rangers, you’ll have a choice of 3 trekking options: short (1h), medium (1h – 2h), and the longest (2-3h). 

Afterwards, we’ll have a short sail, 1 hour, to Kalong, which means ‘bat’ in Indonesian. Kalong’s dense mangrove forest is home to thousands of flying foxes waiting for dusk to take flight. If luck is on our side, we will be there at dusk to witness them take to the sky in search of food.


Day Eight - kalong rinca -manjerite –Kelor island – Labuan Bajo


Continuing with our daily morning yoga flow and breakfast, we will sail to Majerite to enjoy the last day freediving in crystal clear water while observing surreal colourful coral reefs, relax while taking in the sun as we make our way to our last freediving destination and viewpoint hike, Kelor island. Afterwards, we will continue to Labuan Bajo, where we will say goodbye to the Natural 001 and transfer to Kalton Hotel for our last evening together. 


Day Nine - Labuan Bajo 


Moring yoga, Breakfast and & checkout ( airport transfer) 


Optional trip + 3-day adventure more details provided in WhatsApp group. 


Please note : 

▪ Tour itinerary can be changed without notice due to weather conditions/current situations. 

▪ Not recommended for severe heart or medical conditions or pregnant travellers 

▪ This experience requires good weather. You’ll be offered a different date or a full refund if it's cancelled due to poor weather.


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