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You can fly to either Uluru or Alice springs: Please note the tour will end in Alice Springs, if you have a return flight booked from Uluru you will have to organise a shuttle bus at your own expense after the trip.

Flying into Uluru: Please book a flight landing before 1 pm on the (almost all flights land between 10 am-1 pm).


Flying to Alice: You will need to arrive the day before the tour as we leave first thing in the morning (6 am hotel pick-up ) to make our way to Uluru. There are many cheap backpackers and hotel accommodation in Alice. Once you have booked just notify us and we will pick you up from your hotel in the morning.

After the trip: We arrive back in Alice in the afternoon and have our goodbye dinner so it would be advised to book your return flight the day after the trip ends.


Our trips are gender-inclusive, If you are young at heart and free-spirited you are perfect for our adventures! In saying this, the average age of our groups is 20-45 years old.


Please note: We have limited space for bags, please bring a small soft duffle bag no bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for a point of reference this is about the standard luggage allowance for airlines carry-on baggage. Any larger bags will not be accepted. If you wish to bring extra luggage for after the trip most hotels in Alice have luggage storage. ( Best to double-check with your selected accommodation).




 It’s wintertime so rug up!! Although winter is the absolute best time to visit the outback, there are no flys and the days are a perfect temperature, the nights however can get pretty cold! so it’s important you pack the correct gear to keep you warm. We will provide you with a warm sleeping bag, however, feel free to bring an extra one if you think you will need more warmth at night. Also please keep in mind that we have limited space in the trailer for luggage so try to pack as light as possible and opt for a duffle bag over a suitcase.  


  • Headlamp and/or flashlight 

  • Lightweight walking boots or Sport shoes

  • Warm lightweight or Down Jacket 

  • Swimwear

  • Comfortable and casual clothes for 6 days and warm PJ’s

  • Some cotton T-shirts

  • Sun-hat 

  • Flynet

  • One pair of sandals

  • Insect repellent

  • Two pairs of thin and two pairs of thick woollen socks 

  • Toiletries

  • Towels

  • Lip guard

  • Sunglasses 

  • Sun cream 

  • Daypack 

  • Water bottle (1.5L)


Our team brings along a basic first aid kit, but we recommend you also carry the following: Ibuprofen painkillers, Diamox for altitude sickness, personal prescriptions as required, rash cream, basic toiletries, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, women's sanitary.



Dress-ups are fun !! I have this little idea, and surprise for you all ;) so please pack a funky little outfit thats not too big and bulky, not too uncomfortable and fits into the Priscilla Queen of the desert theme. Bring on the festive vibes!! 


This menu may change subject to availability, but just to get an idea of what to expect with foods. Most of the menu is vegetarian with the option for vegan.





Continental with tea and coffee



Poke bowl 


Boiled eggs or tofu, roasted pumpkin seeds, rice noodle, carrot, kale, bbq sweet potato, onion, chickpeas and avocado, served with Miso soup 


Ravioli Spinach and cheese with red sauce or pasta (vegans)

olives Spanish and cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese 




Continental with tea and coffee



Veg burger, beetroot, cheese, lettuce, tomato and cooked onion 



Lentil mash stew over potoato 

mushroom, thyme, coriander,  vegetable broth, garlic and lentils over mash potato, parmesan cheese  


DAY 3 



Berry topped Vegan gluten-free pancake served with tea and coffee 



Salad wraps

(Tuna and ham options )



Thai veg masaman curry with rice 

Coconut milk, curry paste, tofu, carrots, peppers and coriander 


DAY 4 



Continental served with tea and coffee



Rainbow salad 

Spinach, pumpkin, chickpeas, red onion, cucumber, mushrooms, carrots grated, feta cheese, avocado and falafels 


(Option of tuna)

(Vegan no fetta) 



Mushroom risotto, rice, vegetable stock vegan (add parmesan) 


DAY 5 


Big breakfast cook up eggs, mushrooms, kale, toast served with coffee and tea 



Couscous salad

rocket, sundried tomatoes, olives, cucumber, red onion and walnuts




fruit, muesli bars, dark chocolate, popcorn, rice crackers, cupper soups 




 Day 01 - Arrive at Uluru Resort 


Meet and greet with your new to be friends. We will check out our campsite for the next two nights at the Ayres Rock Resort and have fun introductions whilst we tuck into some tasty lunch. This afternoon is a super exciting afternoon as we all witness Uluru for the first time, there will be lots of photos, "wow"s and laughs as we take in at the majesty of this monolith. You will be lead on a guided walk into the aboriginal rock art sites and caves around the base of the rock by Madi. After walking some of the base, we will head to a beautiful spot to have a magical vinyasa yoga session as we watch the sunset over Uluru. Tonight we will spend our first night sleeping under the incredible outback stars in our swags, count the shooting stars as you fall asleep. 


Day 02 - Uluru base walk


 This morning will be an early rise, approximately 30 minutes before sunrise, to experience an incredible yoga class on a sand dune just next to our camp where we can see the sunrise at Uluru. After having a delicious breakfast at camp we will drive to Uluru where you will be dropped off to walk the entire (10km) or half (5km) base walk around Uluru. This is a great time for you to have a silent meditation by yourself to take at the moment or walk and take plenty of photos! After reuniting following your incredible walk, we will have a picnic lunch by the base of Uluru. This afternoon (covid restrictions dependant) we will be met by a local indigenous guide who will teach us about the cultural significance of Uluru to the Anangu people and share some Tjukurpa (Dreamtime) stories with us. We will then visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Cultural Center where you can learn more about Anangu culture and see old and new Aboriginal artworks and tools. After watching another magical sunset over Uluru, we will head to the Field of Lights exhibition next to Ayres Rock Resort. This is an incredible led art display that was set up by Bruce Munroe in the picturesque red sand dunes.


 Day 03 - Kata Tjuta 


Another early rise today (I promise it's worth it!) waking up 1 hour before sunrise to quickly jump in the truck and drive over to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) to watch the sunrise. This morning we will hike the "Valley of the Winds", an incredible 7.4km loop walk through the giant domes of Kata Tjuta. It can get pretty hot in this valley which is why we do it so early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. After our hike, we will head back to camp for lunch and to pack up our swags. We will now drive 3 hours to Kings Creek Station where we will be camping tonight. This is a beautiful cattle station with a camp area, pool, bar and restaurant. We will finish the day with a sunset movement class and a well-earnt drink. 


Day 04 - Kings Canyon 


This morning we will wake up with the sun, have breakfast and pack up and leave the campground. It is a 30-minute drive to get to the stunning Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park where we will walk the "rim walk" track. This is a beautiful 3-hour hike (pictured in this background image!) which takes us to the "Garden of Eden" and "Lost City". After our walk, we will hop back in the truck and make our way to the Macdonnell Ranges.  Tonight will be a wild bush camp, enjoy a night sleeping under the stars in a remote bush location. 


Day 05 - Ormiston Gorge


Waking up to the sounds of the bush, breakfast and away we go. From here we will make our way to Ormiston for the pound walk, this is a spectacular hike 7km loop walk and one of the best day walks in the West Mac, finishing at Ormiston Gorge for some yoga, breathing and movement followed by an icy cold bath. The inland pools are cold at the best of times do in the depths of winter they get really cold! This is perfect for ice bath therapy we will all go through some Tummo breathing together before entering the pool. Breathe slowly keep the mind at bay and let your body reap the rewards of ice bath therapy. Many urban settings provide ice therapy known as cryo, it has many health benefits but there is no need for expensive machines to get the same results as those provided by nature. All you need is a few minutes, if you can focus on breath and stillness you will overcome these feelings of cold discomfort and reap the many benefits. Some of those benefits include increase endorphins, resulting in mental clarity, elevated physical and mental wellbeing. Promotes anti-aging by boosting collagen and elastin, promotes weight loss, improves muscle repair and recovery while reducing inflammation and joint pain. So if thats, not a good enough reason to get in that cold water then what is? After such an active few days there is no better way to end this experience.

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