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Nutrition myth we've all fallen victim to

We’ve all fallen for nutrition myths and no-one is immune to them. Not dietitians, doctors or your good friend Sal. The truth is, fruit hasn’t caused your diabetes. Sugar isn’t the reason you have anxiety and calorie counting is not an effective way of measuring your health. Protein powders are not a requirement if you exercise, you don’t need expensive supplements from Peru to be healthy and red meat does not cause cancer. Food containing gluten is not unhealthy for everyone (and gluten free options are not even close to better). There is no magic pill, shake or juice that will help you drop kilos. There is nothing wrong with pasta. Thinking that pasta is bad for you is super problematic for your health, though.

You don’t have to be on a diet ever, if you don’t want to. Eat carbohydrates. Eat carbohydrates because foods with carbs are delicious, healthy and nutritive. When we cut out carbs we cut out fibre and that’s never ok. A celery juice diet is not going to rid toxins from your liver. Processed foods are not bad (case in point: cacao powder, nut butters, tofu).. and are sometimes the only food people have access to.. which makes them incredibly healthy in this case, if the alternative is malnutrition. When your health care practitioner is telling you to avoid the aisles in the middle of the supermarket and only shop in the fresh food section, it’s time to get a new practitioner.

Now falling for these myths doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you just like the rest of us. Victims of diet culture. Victims to the industry that tells us that ‘this’ diet is better for your health and better for your weight. The industry that publishes books from ‘academics’ dedicating their whole career to proving that lentils are carcinogens and proteins found in dairy cause breast cancer. The industry that is deeply rooted in patriarchy, worshiping thinness and never caring much about your health.

Firstly, diets are completely unsustainable for