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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Who am I? Well, I am just like you, insignificant yet apart of something so much more. Unique just like everyone else. I am everything and nothing. A student of the world, traveller on the road, always searching, driven by curiosity but also by love. My name is Elissa Chrisson, Taurus sun and moon, Leo rising, and fellow earthling. I started travelling at 18 and never stopped, nor do I plan to. Magic is only available to those who believe, and I'm a believer. I found magic and never looked back. Nothing was to prepare me for the years to come, the wild and wonderful journey ahead, the profoundly moving and valuable lessons. Absorbing knowledge from the most experienced gurus, open/conscious people and soulful, natural places. Connection to mother nature brought an abundant and endless flow of joy, peace, and understanding to my life. I acknowledge and gracefully accept that I will forever be a student as life has countless lessons for us all. But also feel I have acquired enough knowledge on my way to now give back, share and help others.

My mission in life is to open the heart, mind, and souls of those who seek growth. To live in love and harmony, with themselves and the world around them.

I am now 30 years old, and the past twelve years, I've been living the most amazing and blessed free life, travelling the world and gathering inspiration. It was at age 23, my first trip to India; I had finally come home. By age 24, I returned to the motherland and took part in my first yoga teacher training; this is when my yoga journey truly began. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the practice of yoga and spent many years living in India and other parts of Asia. In 2015 I found myself in Goa in the south of India, and I discovered my deep passion for movement. From circus arts, climbing to dance. I felt a deep connection with gypsy and world music and took the first steps on the music path through practising singing and learning guitar. My passion for visual arts, painting, and drawing was born again. Arambol, India for me was a time where everything came together; it was time for rapid growth and change, a time where every cell in my body vibrated with love. I felt a deep love for myself and everyone around me, everything manifesting so quickly, ' IN FLOW'. After six months of Arambol, it was time to move on.

Next stop, Thailand, the island of Koh Phangan. Here I had my first kundalini awakening experience. Finally, I genuinely understood yoga "union." Union of the individual consciousness and that of the supreme knowledge. I experienced so much magic and for this, I will always be so grateful. This time was the humble beginning of this snowball of 'CREATION'.

YAMA, why YAMA? The first limb of the yoga eight limb practice. A Hindu god 'Yama' god of destruction and death, the end of oneself into a new vibrant, self- loving, kind and caring person, living the 5 Yama's and genuinely taking the first step of yoga. In Japanese, Yama translates as 'mountain'. Mountains are the high points of the earth and have magical, healing energy and finally an acronym for yoga, arts, movement, adventure or yoga, alignment, mindfulness, active. The idea of YAMA was born in 2015, like a small seed beneath the earth, it was time to sprout, break the surface and allow the sun's light to forge the path. This is the early manifestation of a grand idea, love project, and dream. I have walked a long road, and there is still a long road ahead, but the passion that drives me feels stronger than ever. I want to take you on a journey. To explore the wonder of your inner world and the abundant vast lands we call earth.

<3 'Inspired by dreams and guided knowledge.'

Kullu Valley, North India working as an assistant teacher at the Himalayan yoga institute April 2015

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Elissa Chrisson
Elissa Chrisson
Nov 28, 2019

Thanks Janeesh 🤩


Nice Bio, Well Expressed...

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