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START: Alice Springs

FINISH: Yulara


September 2023





Discover the Outback

Join us on an exhilarating, adventurous and spiritual odyssey to the heart of Australia, accompanied by a remarkable group destined to become your closest companions, as we journey deep into the red centre of Australia and ourselves. Discover the untamed forces and vitality of the wilderness as we trek, camp, and venture across the outback.



Prepare yourself for an authentic experience, explore the raw elements of nature and open your eyes to the beauty of Australia's rugged outback.

About this retreat:   YOGA / HIKING / CAMPING


This transformative journey empowers you to delve into your internal and external worlds, rediscovering your connection with yourself, nature, and the rhythm of existence.


Uncover personal growth and healing through an immersive blend of adventure, yoga, artistic expression, and physical movement. Equip yourself with practical tools to enhance alignment with your life's trajectory. Strengthen your intuition, cultivate self-therapy, conquer fears, navigate emotions, and foster self-love while engaging, connecting, and resonating with like-minded individuals.


Experience the outdoors, savor nourishing cuisine, cultivate wholesome routines, explore bodily expressions, and embrace the subtle nuances of breathwork and meditation practices. This retreat seamlessly combines learning, exploration, and the application of art and movement to comfort your soul, offering a revitalized perspective on the world. Our adventure retreats are precisely that—adventures! For those ready to participate, unafraid of getting a little messy, conquering challenges, and rekindling their untamed spirit.


Yoga and Movement:

All of our yoga classes will be at a beginner level and no experience is required. Yoga is an amazing practise for your body, mind and soul; no level of flexibility or fitness is required, you participate to your own capabilities! however Elissa will modify and cater for all levels and advanced practitioners. 

Each day, our schedule includes a yoga, breathwork, meditation and/or movement session. We will delve into yoga asanas, acro yoga, primal movement, handstands, and beyond. These classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. 


Hiking & fitness: 


This is an active trip involving a hike every day plus general walking around the campsites and destinations. However, we always take hikes at a reasonable pace and have plenty of breaks to catch our breath, we are here to enjoy nature and this experience - not to push ourselves to our physical limits! To make the most out of this trip a reasonable level of fitness is required to enjoy all the hikes, but you may choose to sit out on a particular activity at any time if you feel you want to rest at the camp or a nearby safe spot such as a cafe or information center. 

The hikes: 

Uluru base walk - 10km (or 5km half). Flat easy path. 

Valley of the Winds - 7.4km. Moderate varying/uneven terrain, some steep inclines and stairs. 

Kings Canyon Rim Walk - 6.5km. Moderate varying/unever terrain, some steep inclines and stairs.

Ormiston gorge ghost gum walk - 2.5km easy path, some stairs.

Ormiston Pound Walk - 8km mountain trail, rough/uneven terrain with lots of stairs.​

Medium-impact hikes, offering an engaging exploration of the great outdoors.

Trip Highlights

  • Grounded yoga classes in nature at places such as Uluru, Kings Canyon, and the West Macdonnell Ranges.

  • Mindfullness and Meditation activities to deepen our connection to ourselves and nature.

  • Sleep under the brilliant outback stars in swags around a campfire.

  • Walk the base of Uluru and learn about Anangu culture on an idigneous guided walk (covid restrictions dependant).

  • Hike the spectucular Kings Canyon and meditate in the Garden of Eden.

  • Cool off with a swim in many stunning oasis waterholes.

  • Hike the Ormiston Pound Walk, one of the outbacks most pictureque mountain scape. 


  • DAY 1
    Our journey will begin around 7:30am with a welcome picnic breakfast just outside Alice Springs in the nature. We will open our space with introductions and setting intentions for our adventure. Once our bellys are full we will head off in our bus towards the West Macdonnel Ranges. This incredible red mountain range is full of hiking trails, waterholes, and lots of wildlife. We will start with a dip in Ellery Creek, and then adventure on wards deeper into the moutains. Today will be a relaxing welcome to the outback, with lots of swimming, chatting, walking, and finishing with an afternoon yoga class. Tonight we will camp beneath the stars in our swags at a remote bush campsite in the Tjorita National Park.
  • DAY 2
    We will wake up with the sunrise and enjoy a morning meditation in nature, followed by a delicious brekky. Today we are going to hike the Ormiston Pound Walk, which is a stunning 4 hour trail around a valley near our campsite. This hike is famous for being one of the most picturesque places in the outback. In the middle of the valley is a creek which we can stop and swim in to refresh ourselves along the walk. This walk will take us most of the morning, so afterwards we will return to our camp for lunch and then spend the afternoon relaxing by Ormiston Waterhole. Our day will finish with a yoga class and then dinner cooked on the campfire.
  • DAY 3
    Today is going to be a big journey as we hop in the bus and drive from Tjoritja National Park to Kings Canyon, which is about a 7 hour drive (including stops). Theres no denying the desert is a big place! The drive is very scenic and you will really get to understand how grandeous the outback is. We will make lots of stops to break up the drive and have a yoga class when we arrive to stretch out. Our destination where we will be camping is Kings Creek Station, which is a beautiful farm property that has a campsite, pool, bar, and shop.
  • DAY 4
    This morning we will wake up with the sun, have breakfast and drive to the stunning Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park where we will walk the "rim walk" track. This hike will make you feel like your on Mars! Its ancient red sandstone has seen many millenia, and houses the most unique desert flora and fauna, much of which is endemic to the outback. We will take our time exploring this landscape, stopping for a meditation in the Garden of Eden. After our hike we will head back to Kings Creek Station, to have lunch and pack up camp. In the afternoon we will drive 3 hours to see the most magical place in the outback.... Uluru! We will set up our camp and then find our way to the best viewing spot to watch the sunset at Uluru.
  • DAY 5
    This morning will be an early rise, aproximately 30 minutes before sunrise, to experience an incredible yoga class on a sanddune just next to our camp where we can see the sunrise at Uluru. After having a delicious breakfast at camp we will drive to Uluru where you will be droped off to walk the entire (10km) or half (5km) base walk around Uluru. This is a great time for you to have a silent meditate by yourself to take in the moment or walk with the girls and take plenty of photos! After reuniting following your incredible walk, we will have a picnic lunch by the base of Uluru. This afternoon (covid restrictions dependant) we will be met by a local indigenous guide who will teach us about the cultural significance of Uluru to the Anangu people and share some Tjukurpa (dreamtime) stories with us. We will then visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Cultural Center where you can learn more about Anangu culture and see old and new aborigional artworks and tools. After watching another magical sunset over Uluru, we will head to the Field of Lights exhibition next to Ayres Rock Resort. This is an incredible LED art display which was set up by Bruce Munroe in the picturesque red sand dunes.
  • DAY 6
    Another early rise today (I promise its worth it!) waking up 1 hour before sunrise to jump in the bus and drive over to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) to watch sunrise and begin our day with a morning yoga class. Following, we will hike the "Valley of the Winds", an incredible 7.4km loop walk through the giant domes of Kata Tjuta. This hike is always a surprise highlight.. not many people have heard of kata Tjuta but it is even larger and more magnificent (if i do say so myself hehe) than Uluru! We will make our way back to camp around 11am to pack up our things and say goodbye to our new wild sisters. :( You can choose to be dropped at the Uluru airport at 12pm, the Ayres Rock Resort, or join us for the 6 hour drive back to Alice Springs.


Nestle beneath the unbroken canopy of brilliantly lit starlit nights in cozy modest, cute and comfortable, single occupancy swag, snuggle in a watch the beautiful bright night show of the outback night sky. 


2 man tents will also be provided on tour for unexpected weather. All transport local guide, yoga and meditation, and all meals for  6 days will be provided.


Prices and dates 


 September 2023 




This adventure begins in Alice Springs at 7:30am on the first day of the trip, so you should book your flights in to Alice Springs airport the day before. For accomodation we recommend either Alice's Secret Hostel for a cheaper option, or The Mercure for a nicer hotel. We will pick you up from any accomodation of your choice, just send us an email before the trip to let us know where your staying.

Finish point:


We will finish our journey at Uluru on the last day around midday. You can book any flight leaving Uluru (Connellan) Airport after 12pm, or alternatively stay another night in the Ayres Rock Resort and fly out the following day. Be aware that rooms at the Ayres Rock Resort can be pricey so book this as far in advance as possible if you wish to stay longer. 

You can also join us for the roadtrip back to Alice Springs if you prefer. We will be leaving that afternoon and arriving around 6pm


  • Camp gear: swag, sleeping bag, tent. 

  • Transport to all destinations.

  • All meals: 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners; plus lots of yummy snacks.

  • 5 yoga classes lead by an experienced yogi.

  • Yoga mat.

  • Aborigional guided walk at Uluru.

  • National park passes & campsite fees.

  • 2 qualified and experienced local guides.


Our trips are gender-inclusive, If you are young at heart and free-spirited you are perfect for our adventures! In saying this, the average age of our groups is 20-45 years old.


Please note: We have limited space for bags, please bring a small soft duffle bag no bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for a point of reference this is about the standard luggage allowance for airlines carry-on baggage. Any larger bags will not be accepted. If you wish to bring extra luggage for after the trip most hotels in Alice have luggage storage. ( Best to double-check with your selected accommodation).


  • Day clothes (temps will be around 30°) shorts and shirt will be fine in the day.

  • Warm jacket and warm pants – night time temperatures can drop to 5°. I would suggest a winter jacket, a long sleeve shirt, track pants and warm tights.

  • Swimmers- if you would like to swim in the water holes.

  • Hiking shoes- sneakers are okay, but there will be some rough terrain, so make sure they are sturdy.

  • Sandals/thongs

  • Hat

  • Toiletries (don’t forget chapstick and moisturiser – its dry here!)

  • Camera/gopro

  • Chargers

  • Battery pack

  • Head torch and spare batteries (a must!!!)

  • Fly net

  • Day pack

  • Water bottles or camelback

  • Travel pillow

  • Towel



Dress-ups are fun !! I have this little idea, and surprise for you all ;) so please pack a funky little outfit thats not too big and bulky, not too uncomfortable and fits into the Priscilla Queen of the desert theme. Bring on the festive vibes!! 




Yoga teacher

Australian yoga, meditation teacher & YAMA guide



Trekking guide

Outback guide 

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